Echo of future bodies / Eco di corpi futuri

a lecture performance by Caterina Silva, curated by Anna Cestelli Guidi

Thursday 4 April 2024 7.00pm

Echo of future bodies is a sound sequence, a cathartic ritual, an attempt to rewrite a period of recent Italian history. A chorus of women’s voices pronounces a selection of public statements by Italian politicians and men of power connected with the representation of the female universe: excerpts from interviews, press conferences, newspaper articles, clips from television programs, transcripts of telephone conversations, minutes of trials and sentences for crimes involving women’s bodies. The repetition of these outrageous phrases becomes a way to exorcise the violence and outrage suffered. The voice absorbs, processes, reverberates, returns to the source; and it gives us back the power of a plural voice that speaks a new language with which to imagine and give shape to a possible future.

This performance takes place within the context of Tongue Twisters, a program consisting of multiple appointments dedicated to the lecture performance organised by Lisa Andreani, Valerio Di Lucente, and Adrienne Drake.

Echo of future bodies was originally presented within the context of the 2023 edition of Italian Council – Direzione Generale Creatività Contemporanea – Talent Development Grant XI Partners Fondazione MACTE, Termoli, Plataforma Festival, Santiago de Compostela, viaindustriae publishing, Foligno.