Edited by Roma Publications

Held over the course of a year, The Registry of Promise exhibition is itself composed of four mutually related exhibitions, which are represented here as chapters in a book. In these chapters Christ Sharp reflects on our increasingly uncertain relationship to what the future may or may not hold for us. The work explores the various readings and the mutability of the promise along with the inevitability of what may or may not occur both positively and negatively. This polyvalence is particularly timely as we move from the anthropocentric promise of modernity to the negative belief in the post-human. The catalogue is extensively illustrated with images of the works and the overall exhibition installation, and is also an archive of Chris Sharp’s previously published articles.

Featuring: Becky Beasley, Patrick Bernatchez, Juliette Blightman, Peter Buggenhout, Nina Canell, Michael Dean, Alexander Gutke, Jochen Lempert, Jean-Luc Moulène, Marlie Mul, Matt Mullican, Rosalind Nashashibi, Antoine Nessi, Jean-Marie Perdrix, Reto Pulfer, Mandla Reuter, Hans Schabus, Lucy Skaer, Michael E. Smith, Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli, Francisco Tropa, Andy Warhol and Anicka Yi.